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APECS International PolarWeek

We're excited to announce the presenters and the official schedule for September Polar Week 2023. Please mark your calendars and join us via Zoom for a series of webinars. Our speakers come from various parts of the world and will delve into a wide range of polar topics, from Inuit art to the mass balance of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. These webinars are open to everyone, regardless of your career stage or occupation. Bring your enthusiasm for the polar regions, your questions for the speakers, and engage in public discussions.

In addition to the webinars, our social media channels will showcase exciting initiatives. These include a roundtable with filmmakers from the USAPECS Polar Film Festival and updates on the IceBio Project, funded by the EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions program, which focuses on PhD projects related to glaciers and ice sheets. You are very welcome to comment on, like and share the posts!

APECS International PolarWeek 2023


18 September 15.00 GMT

Dr. Alizée Le Moigne is kicking off the week with an exciting invitation. She'll take you on a virtual journey to the Russian Arctic tundra, offering you a glimpse into her life as a microbial ecologist during a summer in this remote region. Through a captivating photo reportage, you'll gain unique insights into her fieldwork adventures. Get ready for discovering the tundra with Dr. Le Moigne!

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19 September 16.30 GMT

Basil Saleem, a Master's student at IISER Kolkata, India, will share thought-provoking internship findings: “Impact of SAM and ENSO on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Mass Balance”. Basil interned at the National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (Indian Government Institute for Polar Studies) and is looking forward to your feedback on his globally important studies. 

Frozen Secrets: Deciphering West Antarctic Meltdown from Ice Cores. A talk by - Basil Saleem K T, Master's Student, IISER Kolkata, India. Understanding West Antarctic ice loss requires considering natural climate variability (Southern Annular Mode, El Niño Southern Oscillation, Amundsen Sea Low) and human-induced climate change. Since the 1950s, SAM and ENSO have exhibited an intriguing in-phase relationship, leading to a significant increase in the frequency of ENSO. During this period, SAM shifted to a positive phase, resulting in the deepening of the ASL anomaly, corresponding to an enhanced decrease in mean sea level pressure in the West Antarctic region. Ice core data analysis showcases this decrease in mean sea level pressure. Principle component analysis of West Antarctic ice accumulation data elucidates the dominant drivers of ice loss. Increasing temperature and decreasing mean sea level pressure emerges as the primary contributors, with mean sea level pressure being the prime driving factor during deepened ASL conditions. 

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21 September 15.00 GMT

Dr. Marilena Dracea-Chelsoi will be diving into the fascinating world of Inuit art and its profound connection to Canadian identity. She'll explore the themes that Inuit art explores and the various types of creations it encompasses. Additionally, Dr. Dracea-Chelsoi will shed light on how foreign influences have shaped and transformed Inuit artistic production over time. What's particularly interesting is the rising popularity of High North art, demonstrated by the increasing number of non-Inuit artists who draw inspiration from Inuit creations.

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21 September 17.00 GMT

Filmmakers' Online Roundtable as part of the USAPECS 2023 Polar Film Festival. Filmmakers will discuss their films followed by a public question and answer session.

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22 September 14.00 GMT

Claudia Vásquez Gómez, an artist with international recognition, will share how she created poetic acts that invite us to travel beyond thoughts, to a place where it is possible to experience the notions of place and moment, just as the instant of time. Her performance “Camouflaje” took place in Paradise Bay and Fildes Bay, Antarctica, and definitely can be called unique and extraordinary!

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23 September 16.00 GMT

Celine Rodrigues, a PhD Candidate in International Relations, will be addressing the intriguing topic of the 21st-century connection between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. Her presentation will delve into the challenges surrounding maritime and human securities in this context. Additionally, she will offer insights into scenario thinking for the years 2023 to 2035, providing a valuable bonus component to her talk.

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All week, 18-22 September

The USAPECS 2023 Polar Film Festival films are available for viewing during the week. In addition, there are daily film spotlights by theme.

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