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From 22-25 May 2023, Arctic PASSION held its second annual General Assembly in Baveno, Italy and APECS – a partner of this EU project – contributed. During the event, project partners had the opportunity to get to know each other personally, to exchange information about current progress and further steps of the project, and to create new crosscutting links. In the framework of Arctic PASSION, APECS is responsible for education and training activities, such as online seminars and dialogues, and one in-person event for early career professionals and Arctic youth in October 2023, called the Sharing Circle

ArcticPASSION 7 Olivia Rempel compressed

Early Career Professionals of the Arctic PASSION project. © Olivia Rempel/GRID-Arendal

Nadine and Lisa from the APECS Project Office are working in this EU project. As part of the General Assembly program, APECS organized a meet & greet for Arctic PASSION early career professionals. Nearly all working groups of Arctic PASSION were presented by the 10 participants. It was a fun evening together with introduction games, talks and tasty Italian pizza. 

Additionally, APECS Project Officers Nadine and Lisa used the opportunity to discuss the concept of the Sharing Circle in their  breakout session "Experience the Sharing Circle". This event aims to foster a close dialogue between Arctic youth and young professionals working in the Arctic arena, and to increase the understanding of different knowledge systems among different cultures and disciplines within Arctic collaborations. In this session, it was discussed how safe spaces for the participants can be created. It helped the organizers in their further planning - thanks to the participants!

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