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The Arctic Science Summit Week 2022 took place in Tromsø between 26 March and 1 April. On Monday 28 March, APECS organised four workshops focused on early polar career scientists. The event took place in a hybrid format, in person at the University of Tromsø (UiT) and online via zoom.

ASSW Photo Marta Moreno Ibáñez

The first workshop, "The Rising Field of AI in Polar Research", featured presentations by Sara Aparicio (ECR observer to the SIOS RSWG), Nabil Panchi (PhD student at NTNU) and Dr. Ekaterina Kim (Assistant Professor at NTNU). This session gave an overview of the field of AI in polar areas and future challenges in this field.

The second workshop, "Science communication: Let's talk science!", was organised in collaboration with Polar Educators International (PEI). This session was an interactive session where participants were able to learn some tricks to capture the attention of the audience. We also had several PechaKucha presentations (a short storytelling format) where different experiences and projects in science communication were presented.

In the third workshop, "Panel discussion about different career paths in Arctic science", we were joined by Paul Wassmann (Emeritus Professor at UiT), Christiane Hübner (Information Officer at Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System, SIOS) and Frigga Kruse (Researcher at Kiel University, Timeless Arctic Project) for a discussion about career paths. During this session, we were able to learn about the academic background of our guests as well as their personal experiences in the world of polar research.

In the fourth workshop, "Geopolitics of the Arctic: Turkey's polar interests", we had presentations from Cpt. Özgün OKTAR (Deputy Director, Logistics of Polar Research Institute, TUBITAK MAM), Dr. Atilla YILMAZ (Environmental Officer, Polar Research Institute, TUBITAK MAM) and Cpt. Doğaç Baybars IŞILER (Polar Logistics and Law, Polar Research Institute, TUBITAK MAM). Our three speakers presented the situation of Turkey regarding its polar interests.

It was a very enriching day for the attendees due to the variety of topics addressed during the different workshops. This day would not have been possible without the work of the APECS’ event project group “APECS Workshop at the Arctic Science Summit Week 2022”.

Text by Eva Chamorro Garrido and image by Deniz Vural

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