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Today on 1 February, the APECS Directorate formally made the transition from Germany to Norway.


Tromso Handover credit Josefine Lenz

The outgoing Executive Director Josefine Lenz and the incoming Executive Director Sarah Strand are in Tromsø this week to meet with the new host institutions: The University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway, the Norwegian Polar Institute and the Fram Centre. Surrounded by the beautiful winter wonderland at 69°N, Sarah and Josefine are also using their time to intensively discuss the management of the network which has grown to more than 4,300 members from all around the world.

Given the current pandemic situation, Sarah and Josefine are very happy to have a chance to meet in-person and spend a full week on APECS related matters. This is a positive start for Sarah in her new, exciting role but also makes it easier for Josefine to leave her position as Executive Director of APECS. This week a 500 kg shipment started its journey from Potsdam to Tromsø to provide the new Directorate with all kinds of materials and resources.

February 1st also marks a milestone for the APECS Office. Heike Midleja is leaving APECS after serving 5 years as a solid support for many small and huge administrative tasks and as the backbone of the APECS management team. Heike, we will miss you and want you to know that your support was invaluable!

Luckily, the Alfred Wegener Institute will keep a third-party funded APECS Office in Potsdam, Germany so that Josefine, Svenja, Franziska and Lisa will provide background support in different capacities over the coming months and years.

APECS UiT NPI FRAM Dinner 2022 01 31

The new host institutions kicked off the opening of the APECS Directorate Office in Tromsø with a delicious dinner on 31 January. From left to right: Kata Bohus, Steinar Paulsen (both UiT), Sarah Strand (incoming APECS Executive Director), Eldbjørg Sofie Heimstad (NILU), Geir Gotaas (NPI), Josefine Lenz (outgoing APECS Executive Director), Nalân Koç (NPI), Johanne Raade (UiT) and Anita Evenset (Akvaplan-niva). Photo: Josefine Lenz


Fram Centre NPI credits Nalan Koc

 Welcome meeting at the FRAM Centre, with Eldbjørg Sofie Heimstad (NILU), Sarah Strand (incoming APECS Executive Director), Josefine Lenz (outgoing APECS Executive Director), Nalân Koç (NPI). Photo credit: Nalân Koç.

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