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apecs logo webAPECS is excited to announce that another leadership term has begun on 1 October 2020!


APECS Executive Committee 2020-2021:

APECS’ 14th Executive Committee (ExCom) is now in place and ready to continue to shape the polar world.

  • Gwenaëlle Gremion (Institut des Sciences de la Mer - Université du Québec à Rimouski, Canada)
  • Deniz Vural (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey Marmara Research Center, Turkey)
  • Mathieu Casado (Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany)
  • Meghan Helmberger (University of Colorado Boulder, National Snow and Ice Data Center, USA)
  • Neelu Singh (Norsk Polarinstitutt, Norway)

They have been elected by the members of the 2019-2020 APECS Council to form the ExCom, the main leadership body of APECS. Juan Höfer (Chile), Jilda Caccavo (Germany) and Gabriela Roldan (New Zealand) will serve as ex-officios and support the new ExCom over the coming year.

More information on the APECS 2020-2021 Executive Committee can be found here.

105 Gremion Gwenaelle ExCom Elections 2020 2021APECS President 2020-2021:

With a new term, comes a new president: This year Gwenaëlle Gremion will be taking on this role! Gwenaëlle is currently finishing her PhD in Physical and Biological Oceanography, in which she models how primary production and pelago-benthic coupling will respond to environmental changes in the North Water Polynya in the Arctic. This is Gwen’s 1st term on ExCom. She was APECS France Representative since 2017 and served as project lead in the APECS Council for two terms. She is thrilled for an exciting term and is looking forward to supporting the Council, day-to-day functioning of the organization, and continuing to provide opportunities for early career polar researchers in collaboration with ExCom and APECS’ partners.


 APECS Council 2020-2021:

For the 2020-2021 term, the APECS Council is made up of 125 very enthusiastic members from 35 countries, including representatives from 27 National Committees:

APECS Council Leadership:

  • Council Chairs: Hugo Guímaro (Portugal), José Queirós (Portugal), Priyanka Rajput (India)
  • National Committee Coordinators: Sakshi Mankotia (India), Shalaka Patil (Norway), Susana Hancock (United States)

Council member:

Aaditya Nath Kapil (India), Alexandra Yingst (Iceland), Alexis Bahl (Canada), Allison Cusick (United States), Andrea Bueno (Spain), Anika Happe (Germany), Arthi Ramachandran (Canada), Azamat Tolipov (Iceland), Carla Tapia Baldis (Argentina), Charlie Hewitt (United Kingdom), Chrity Rouault (Canada), Cinthya Bello (Peru), Claudia Maturana (Chile), Clément Astruc-Delor (France), Dalia C. Barragán-Barrera (Colombia), Dhanendra Singh (India), Doğaç Baybars Işiler (Turkey), Elisa Seyboth (South Africa), Elise Gallois (United Kingdom), Elizabeth Perera (United States), Emil Ísleifur Sumarliðason (Iceland), Emma Davis (Canada), Femi Anna Thomas (India), Florent Fayolle (United Kingdom), Florian Vidal (France), Francesc Roura-Adserias (Spain/Austria), Friederike Säring (Germany), Georgi Laukert (Germany), Gerusa de Alkmim Radicchi (France), Grace Shephard (Norway), Gretchen Lescord (Canada), Henrietta Hammant (United Kingdom), Hiral Jain (India), Hrishikesh Rane (India), Hugo Guímaro (Portugal), Ivan Alekseev (Russia), Jabir Thajudeen (India), Jack Buckingham (United Kingdom), Javier Arnaut (Greenland), Jesus Lucero (United Kingdom), Jhon Mojica (United Arab Emirates), Jill Diedrich (Luxembourg), Joana Fragão (Portugal), Joaquin Bastias Silva (Switzerland), Joel Singley (United States), John Doherty (Hong Kong), John Read (Canada), John Woitkowitz (United Kingdom), Jonathan W Wood (Iceland), José Queirós (Portugal), Joseph Martin (Canada), Julia Garcia-Oteyza Ciria (Spain), Juliana Souza (Poland), Julie Schram (United States), Katharina Heinrich (Iceland), Kavita Mitkari (India), Kirsi Keskitalo (The Netherlands), Kirsten Reid (Canada), Lauren Thompson (Canada), Leena Leppänen (Finland), Liezel Rudolph (South Africa), Lina Madaj (Germany), Linde van Bets (The Netherlands), Lisa Winberg von Friesen (Denmark), Louise Borthwick (United States), Lucas Silva (Brazil), Maciej Mańko (Poland), Marcos Tassano (Uruguay), Maria Pogojeva (Russia), Marlen Kolbe (Portugal), Marta Moreno Ibáñez (Canada), Maud van Soest (United Kingdom), Megan Eldred (United Kingdom), Megan Sheremata (Canada), Melanie Stammler (Germany), Mia Bennett (Hong Kong), Mikhail Latonin (Russia), Minkyoung Kim (Switzerland), Nadya Yanakieva (Bulgaria), Nicholas Hasson (United States), Nicholas Parlato (United States), Nicole Stark (Chile), Olga Kulikova (Russia), Pablo Trucco-Pignata (United Kingdom), Paula de Castro-Fernández (Spain), Prashant Pandit (India), Praveen R Teleti (United Kingdom), Priyanka Gaikwad (India), Priyanka Rajput (India), Rahul Dey (India), Rebecca Duncan (Australia), Rebecca Gugerli (Switzerland), Renato Borras-Chavez (Chile), Rodrigo Alves (Brazil), Rodrigo Gomez Fell (New Zealand), Rupa Rupa (India), Ryan O'Hara (United States), Sakshi Mankotia (India), Sasha Leidman (United States), Scarlett Zetter (Norway), Scott Sugden (Canada), Sebastián Marinsek (Argentina), Sergey Chernikov (Norway), Sergio Raez Villanueva (Canada), Shalaka Patil (Norway), Shinae Montie (New Zealand), Shipra Nagar (India), Shridhar Jawak (Norway), Shweta Rathore (India), Sidney Horlick (Canada), Spencer Weinstein (Canada), Stanislav Ksenofontov (Russia), Suman Kumari (India), Susana Hancock (United States), Swati Nagar (India), Tayana Arakchaa (Sweden), Tomás Bolaño-Ortiz ( Argentina), Trym Eiterjord (Germany), Valentina Piñeros Perez (Colombia), Valentina Savaglia (Belgium), Vikram Goel (India), Vinod Kumar Nathan (India), William D. Harcourt (United Kingdom), Xiangbing Kong (Canada), Zambra Lopez-Farran (Chile)

Additionally, Jose Seco (Portugal / UK) and Clare Eayrs (USA) remain on the Council in an ex-officio role.

More information on the APECS 2020-2021 Council can be found here.

Once again, we thank the many APECS leaders that have come before us and have helped guide and foster many of those serving today! We look forward to another year with the projects that are currently underway, and continue to look for more ways that we can improve and expand this organization and assist early career polar researchers around the world.

APECS Leadership 2020-2021 Map

APECS Leadership 2020 2021 Map


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