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Parallel to the Arctic Frontiers Conference 2011 and in direct connection with the oral presentations, the ARCTOS PhD School and APECS organized an international workshop for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers interested in research and development in the pan-Arctic region.

During the workshop (which took place in Tromsø, on the coastal steamer Hurtigruten and in Svolvær, Lofoten) participants worked in groups on given subjects related to the topics of the Arctic Frontiers Conference: “Arctic Tipping Points”. Senior scientists from the ARCTOS PhD School, as well as invited speakers from the conference participated to ensure a good dialogue and progress in the discussions.

The workshop consisted of the participants attending the conference, as well as side lectures on communication and entrepreneurship, a funding workshop, and proposal development and writing practice. To add a little culture and fun, 3 musicians join the expedition to Lofoten and many fun concerts and jam sessions arose. The group was also fortunate to have Kriss Rokkan-Iversen, APECS' first president, give a presentation on how she developed her own consulting company in Lofoten.

For the course, students prepared 15 minute presentations on their proposal, including the science objectives, management structure of the project, methods, relevance of the project to society, the expertise in the group that will make the project successful, aspects of national and international collaboration, outreach plans, feasibility and budget. The groups all did well given the short time frame they had to work under. Most importantly they realized that good science is more than just good ideas, it takes a team of collaborators dedicated to working together and overcoming any cultural/language differences that might be experienced. Many of the groups plan to stay in touch and continue to develop their ideas into full proposals to be submitted at a later date.

Look for more information on how you can participate in this great course next year.

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