Association of Polar Early Career Scientists

This is just a preliminary overview of the topics covered during the field school. The program will be updated as the planning progresses and speakers are confirmed.

  AM - 1 AM - 2 PM - 1 PM - 2 Evening
17 April 2018 Arrival of participants
18 April 2018 Welcome Intro to polar weather Practical: set up met observation tower Icebreaker and networking activities
19 April 2018 Observations Intro to polar climate Predictability Practical: Predictability Student research presentations
20 April 2018 Initial value ensembles Practical: Large ensemble  Discussion  Projection uncertainty   Career pathways
21 April 2018 Sea ice in the polar climate system  Sea ice 101  Practical: floe size model  Discussion   Presentation skills
22 April 2018 Sea ice modelling Polar ocean forecasting  Practical: ocean model  Discussion  Abstract boot-camp 
23 April 2018 Excursion Day     
24 April 2018 Practical: working with observations
 Diurnal and seasonal cycles  Practical  Education and Outreach skills
25 April 2018  Clouds  Polar lows Practical: Arctic Hurricanes exercise  Discussion  Project management 
26 April 2018 Mid-latitude/polar linkages Polar representation in GCMs    
27 April 2018 Wrap up     

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