Association of Polar Early Career Scientists

The APECS Executive Committee is responsibe for guiding the organization, helping to set priorities, and make sure we are working closely with partners to help our members. The APECS Executive Committee Charter, created and approved by the 2008-2009 APECS Executive Committee, outlines the tasks and responsibilities of the APECS Executive Committee.

1. APECS Executive Committee
1.1 The Executive Committee consists of five officers, elected by the Council for a one-year term. Any APECS member is eligible to run for a position within the Executive Committee, and past Executive Committee members are eligible to run for another term.

1.2 The chair of the Executive Committee is elected from the members of the Executive Committee and is the APECS President. All other members of the Executive Committee are considered Vice Presidents and carry the responsibilities of any organisational Vice President.

1.3 The Executive Committee, with the guidance of an Advisory Committee and under supervision of a Council, manages the affairs of APECS. The role of the Executive Committee is to ensure that the mission and goals of APECS are pursued in a responsible, accountable and transparent manner. The Executive Committee sets the budget for the organisation and approves and oversees the Director. The Executive Committee also acts as a consultative body for the Director and APECS membership at large.

1.4 The Executive Committee shall engage in a process that anticipates funding issues with the directorate and attempts to seek funding to sustain its capabilities. As such, the Executive Committee needs to bear in mind the long-term survival and strategy of the organisation and is to work towards sustaining the mission and core activities of the organisation.

1.5 The Executive Committee shall be ready to take over the tasks of the directorate at any time, by adapting its task list and the scale of activities, and needs to be prepared to handle changes in the directorate smoothly with the sponsoring organisations.

1.6 The Executive Committee meets via Skype conference calls on a regular basis (at least monthly) to coordinate activities, discuss operational and managerial matters and decide on future activities.

2. Responsibilities of the Vice Presidents
2.1 The Vice President is an official representative of the organisation and is responsible to the Council and the APECS membership at large.

2.2 The Vice President is responsible for ensuring participation at the regular Skype conference calls.

2.3 The Vice President shall attend the majority of the monthly APECS Council calls and is responsible for leading and organising two or three of these Council calls during their term. A roster is drawn up at the beginning of the term to determine which calls are to be organised by whom.

2.4 The Vice President shall be an active member of the organisation and should assume responsibility for contributing posts (articles, events, fellowships, funding opportunities, jobs, etc.) to the APECS website.

2.5 The Vice President, as all members of Council and the Research Activities Committee, is encouraged to organise or contribute to the organisation of at least one APECS event (panel discussion, workshop, conference, social, etc.) during their term.

2.6 The Vice President is responsible for keeping the Council and Advisory Council informed about APECS activities and developments, for involving and motivating Council members to assume additional responsibilities.

2.7 The Vice President shall vote on decisions that require the approval of the Executive Committee in a timely and responsible manner.

2.8 The Vice President is accountable to the APECS membership at large and shall provide regular updates (monthly newsletters, annual reports, etc.) to APECS members and the Advisory Committee.

2.9 The Vice President is responsible for assisting the Director in decision-making, managerial and administrative duties as required.

3. Additional responsibilities of the President
3.1 The President has all the responsibilities and rights of the Vice President.

3.2 In addition, the President shall coordinate and lead the regular Skype conferences and meetings of the Executive Committee.

3.3 The President and the Director shall share updates on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

3.4 The President shall take the lead in maintaining effective communication within the Executive Committee, between the Director and the Executive Committee as well as to the Council, the Advisory Committee and the membership at large.

3.5 The President shall be exemplary in assisting the Director in the management of the organisation and shall coordinate and oversee the distribution of tasks within the Executive Committee.

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