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Name (Last, First)
Lemus-Lauzon, Isabel
University / Institution / Organisation / Community
Université Laval
Position / Title / Status / Role
Phd student
City / Town / Hamlet / Village
Location (map)
static map
Mailing Address
50 rue du Roi app. 1
Telephone Number (please include country code)
Categories (Please check all that apply)
  • Researcher
  • Project Leader
  • Project Team Member
  • Representative of an institution or special interest organisation
Interest in Nordic Network (check all that apply)
  • Interested in collaborating on a research project
  • Interested in working with community members
  • Interested in working with indigenous community members
  • Interested in including traditional knowledge in my research project
Please check the major research area that best fits your interests
  • Education and Outreach
  • Language and Culture
  • Terrestrial
  • Climate Change
Please list a few keywords that describe your research/interests/expertise
historical ecology/Inuit culture/education/outreach/collaborative research
Please indicate the main regions* where you work or live, or conduct your research (select all that apply)
  • Canada
Please indicate what type of role you have, or would like to have in research projects(select all that apply)
  • Research Assistant
  • Field Work
  • Interviews
  • Project Coordinator

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